Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 22 Results; Weighing In

Today marks the wrapping up of 22 days.  Three weeks ago, if you would have told me that I'd lose the weight that I've lost... I don't know what to say.  I'm shocked.  Weighed in at 439 today. Loss of 3 pounds from last week.

Sure, honestly I was skeptical, simply because you think that all the "fast weight loss" stuff is a gimmick. Not that I didn't trust my coach/trainer Ryan Cowboy Ehmann.  He'd done the 24 Day Challenge himself.  His wife was the one that opened the door for us all.  Drew Brees, the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints is the National Spokesperson.  They are not just "only diet/trim products." They have supplements for Extremely Active and Fit athletes, all the way down to people that are beginners, wanting to ease their way into nutrition.

But what did I have to lose, to try it out?  What is the down side to making a commitment to yourself, making a promise and saying that you're going to do something and then following through with it.  Granted, the 24 days is not through yet.  It will not be until this Wednesday, when we go to sleep, until it's finished.  But what we've gained since starting is far greater than any number on the scale that I've seen so far. 

Heck, I'm stepping on scales now.  I used to avoid them.  We're looking for other ways to get our workouts in.  We are trying to find good ways to incorporate different tastes into our foods.  We've actually bombed an apple/chicken dish!  It was terrible.  But I sucked it up and finished it, for it was at that point, I was not eating for taste. I was eating for fuel.  Katie got up, washed off her chicken and then ate it. 

Since measuring last night, I've been down on myself.  The numbers were not big.  At all.  Not as big as they have been. It was confusing because we've stuck to the book. We have not missed a meal, cheated, or missed a workout.  But one week's results does not measure the things we've learned, or the things that we'll take with us.  The journey is not done in 21 days.  But, good patterns are developed, if you'll allow them to be.  Truly, before this 24 Day Challenge is over, I am thankful for the education that I've received from it.  I recommend it to anyone.  It really is a Jumpstart.  Before, I could never imagine myself being "thin" or active.  I was just so used to being huge.  When I had went back up to 467 pounds, I remember thinking that I was never going to be below 400 pounds, let alone 300 pounds.

Now, Coach Cowboy and I have talked.  We're thinking that I'll need to get to about 220-230 pounds to be considered for skin removal.  But honestly, I've never thought it was an option!  Now??? I totally have goals.  I know I'm not going to magically get to 230 pounds in one 24 Day Challenge.  But after stepping on the scale today and still seeing a loss, I know I'm going in the right direction. 

Katie and I have talked today about my feelings.  We know we're not done. We know we have work to put in.  But I know I'm not here alone.  I am very thankful for her.  A loss is a loss.  But more importantly, we did not break any promises to ourselves this week.  We said we'd workout every other day and not skip meals and eat clean.  We did.

Katie actually reached out to my buddy Chris, who I met in Montana at the Fitness Ranch for the first time. She reached out to him, after he had messaged her, just to check in and give her a little encouragement on keeping going and telling her he was proud of her work so far.  She let him know that she knew I was down because of the numbers.  Again, he responded telling her the same thing that I'd told Chris in Montana, last summer (2013), "It's a marathon, not a sprint!"   Today, he then texted me and says, "Progress is Progress, Nick. No matter how big or small."  Even my youngest brother Kevin replied and was excited about the loss.  I know that I've got support.  I try very hard to support Katie.  I know there are others out there, feeling the way I felt last night. Again, this is why I share.  But still, I know we're going in the right direction. It is a little easier to understand now, since we have had big numbers for 2 weeks.  Our bodies are bound to get "used to" the routine and slow down.  But that cannot stop us.

Without further ado, here are our numbers, after 22 days:
Katie 12.5 pounds lost 29.25 inches lost (5.75 inches this week)
Nick 28 (3 pounds this week) pounds lost in 22 days; weighing in at 429 pounds: lost 37.35 inches lost (4.25 inches this week)

Not jaw dropping, no.  But still, we have proven the lose 12 inches in 12 workouts, before we've even done 12 workouts.  We've not cheated.  We've not skipped any meals. We have not had any dairy.  We have not had any soda or diet soda. We have not had any snacks or chips or cookies or candy.  Before, all of this stuff that I've mentioned, would have been done daily. Sometimes, a couple times in a day.  We will go out for a dinner, when we're done. We will take a few days off.  But, we'll get back on track.

I promise myself, that I will get back on track!  What have we shown this far?  We have kept these promises. 

I am still very proud of what we've done.  I can't wait to see where we end up.  I feel like a freight train and nothing is going to stop us.

This Is the Best Day of My Life! 

I love you Katie! To my other people supporting us: thank you!  We love you all.

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  1. Your blogs are so awesome Nick. Keep it up. Very proud of you and your wife. Getting healthy is a challenge, but it feels great. Your hard work is paying off.