Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Countdown

This Friday August 2nd is the day that my wife and I will drive to Pocatello, Idaho and meet my oldest-younger brother Jeff.  From there, he and I will drive up through Idaho on Highway 93 North and head over the pass, aside the Lost Trail Ski Area.  Sula is just north of the pass, once you get over the Montana/Idaho State Line/Border.  Sula is a beautiful place!  Population: 37 (http://censusviewer.com/city/MT/Sula).

The population will be increasing by just a few this coming weekend! I am not sure how many folks will be there, but I know that when Ryan Cowboy Ehmann put it out there that he was going to do the Cowboy Fitness Ranch, he was looking for 10 contestants.  He and his wife have been posting pictures and such on their Facebook pages of the area and the ranch. The anticipation is killing me.

A cook thing is that I think that on the Friday that we check out from the ranch, hopefully both of my younger brothers will be there. In an ideal world, I'd have my wife, children and my brothers there to meet The Rodeo Cowboy.  I've asked Ryan about meeting my brothers.  I think I'm more excited about it than he is. But, it will be cool that I get to hang out with my brothers Friday night in Missoula.  Maybe Kevin, Jeff and I will get a chance to shoot some hoops or pool, like old times.  That is, if I have enough strength to stand.

The gal at the ABC 4 news here in Salt Lake City has asked that I do a video diary every night.  Which I will probably do on my phone.  Not many places to charge the phone up there.  But I'd like to get some footage of our activities too.  Of course we'll be able to take some pictures. 

This week I'll be focusing on getting my list together and packing everything up. We have a friend that is letting me borrow their sleeping bag.  I still have a tent, but the other stuff was all stuff that I had when I lived in Montana. But since I've lived in Salt Lake City for almost the last 5 years now... we haven't done much camping/fishing or anything up in the mountains! Drives me crazy some times.

It is a tough thing to have to ask my wife to be SuperMom while I'm away for a week. Taking care of the kids, getting them to daycare, working her hours, picking them up, going home, trying to find time to get them outside and play, cooking meals, bathing them and then getting them to bed.  That is a long week!  I have to make this work!  I have to kill it while I'm there. 

I have to find a way to make this stick with me! The coaching side by side is what I'm looking forward to the most.  I'm sure it'll be like drinking water through a fire-hose. Just to put it out there, I have not been doing a lot.  Not counting calories.  Not really on a routine for eating.  I wanted to go up to the ranch with the idea that I'm going to get my butt kicked.  I know that I'll be sore.  I know that it will probably be the toughest physical thing I've ever gone through.  I want this to teach me a lesson. 

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  1. We will be rooting for you at home! I know we can't do face time, but the times we get to talk to you will be what helps us all get through the week. I love you! ~Katie