Monday, June 3, 2013

1 Year

My goals are staring right at me.  I read over them and I think to myself about where I am.  Where I was.  Where I want to be.  Who I want to be there with.

Where was I?  Well, one year ago, I was running on no sleep for 36 hours.  My wife and I both were on no sleep. We had just had our nephews over for a sleepover.  A good buddy of mine was running a theater and let us into a matinee showing of the Battleship movie.  It was pretty good. The weird thing was, just like you see in the movies, Katie had gone into labor, during the movie!  Yeah, it was pretty surreal.  We didn't have our "hospital bag", we had both nephews, as well, Tate.  It was hot out.  We had a van, at the time, that didn't have A/C.  

I swear, pregnant women... they pick the best times to go into labor.  Unless it's the kids doing it???  But with Tate, she went into labor while I was putting together a rocker/glider for my mother-in-law.  Right in the middle of it.  I really wanted to finish it too, but the BOOM!  Here comes Tate.  

The thing is, with both kids, Cece and Tate, they came when I was already busy!  So, we stop what I'm doing, go to the hospital, just to find out we're not quite "ready" yet, for the baby to show!  Both of them waited until it was most of the early morning hours, before they put on a show.  I believe they knew when I was ready to give in and just take a quick nap.  :)  

But seriously, there is no way I'm not as happy as Dracula at a blood-bank, with this family that I've been blessed with.  So to answer your question, with all jokes aside:

Where was I a year ago?  I was going on just about a year of a mini depression of some sort.  Hindsight tells me that. At the time, it was just ups and downs, that come with life.  I had discussed with Katie that I had been feeling weird that I was turning 35 (last year) and that did a number on my mind.  It was hard because our mother only lived to be 34. Our dad's tragic accident took him when he was 44.  So for me to be older than my mom lived, was just weird to me.  Naturally, the years add up.  It's basic math.  So most of my 34th year, even having Tate, it was easy to get lost in all of that, plus getting lost in taking care of our only kid at the time.  Easy enough to just forget about myself.  I'd figure that most of that year, I'd lived at the same weight I'd ballooned up to.  After we found out the hard way, about the issues with my back, I was laid up multiple times for multiple days/weeks.  But I'd gotten up to 535 lbs.  I was educated of that weight May of 2012.  So, as it is the 3rd day of June 2013, my last weigh in, about 14 days ago (give or take) I'd weighed in at 446-447 lbs.  So, just about to the 100 lbs mark. 

That hit pretty hard, when I learned of the weight I was at.  It took a toll on me.  I immediately thought about all the time I used to shoot hoops, or go hiking and all that kind of stuff.  I then realized that I didn't do that stuff any longer.  I knew it was something that I missed, but then immediately thought that if I'd tried to go out and do that stuff as hard as I'd done before, I'd likely get hurt worse.

Since we've done better.  I now feel like it's a challenge to see when that 100 lb mark will come!  Exiting as it is, I must remember to keep my mind straight.  I don't want it to cloud my focus on the end result of fitness success, or of my goals.  But, it is a heck of a start to have an achievement so big, that will help me with motivation for the rest of this journey, as well, to be in good enough shape to cut some serious rug at this wedding. We have to show them all how Montucky does it!

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to our little girl who is 1 year old today!  You are just as beautiful as your mama!  Daddy loves you Cece!

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  1. You have gone a long way! I will keep reminding you of that!! I love you so much! Keep it going Babe! Katie