Thursday, May 16, 2013

The History of Clothes Shopping

It turns out that my buddy is serious about marrying his fiance. :) This means, honored as I am to be part of their big day, that your's truly is going to get all gussied up.  Couldn't ask for a couple of nicer people to get hitched to one another.  Getting a tux that fits is a problem.  It always has been. Well, I take that back.  My wife and I's wedding, my tux fit nicely. I was quite dapper.  Nervous as all get out, but still, it was nice to not have to worry about it.

One wedding in particular, for my cousin... We took all of the appropriate measures of measuring early, like the tux store said to. Gave them time, like the tux store said to.  Get measured a 2nd time for good measure, like the tux store said to.  Mind you, this is back in the day (a Wednesday, if you're taking notes), back in the day when I was in decent shape.  I played a lot of hoops back then.  I was hiking, walking, etc... just active. A lot of activity.  Not eating 3 meals, skipping meals at that, but still, smaller than I am now, by a long shot.

Getting fitted for a tux is fun, but not when you feel like the attention is now on you, instead of the people it should be on.  We eneded up stitching one side of the vest to the side of the shirt so that they were worn as one.  To allow room in the middle.  The pants fit though, it was the shirt that was not handled well with the fitting and measuring. At my cousin's wedding, I wore my vest and my tux coat all night!  Had no choice.  I rocked it, no doubt.  I cut some serious rug, ALL NIGHT!  It was a big celebration!  But I did feel bad my my cousin and his wife.  How stressful and unsatisfying, for pictures and such.

Getting fitted for a tux for this wedding is becoming an issue.  I bet the bride-to-be is pulling her hair out.  It is their wedding!  Most people only plan to have one for their entire life! It's a big deal! When I went into the store, it was comical, when I got measured.  The guy had to have me hold the tape on one side, then he walked around me to bring the other end to meet up. Like he was walking this big ol' horse by rope and bridle.  It was embarassing, but funny.  Even when we bought the tape to take my measurements at home, we got the extra long one.  My wife has a huckuva time doing my measurements.  Here I am at 6'3" and her at 5'2".  You don't see many 5'2" people with extra long arms.  She needs a step stool and everything to get my shoulders and my neck.  She does really good on my calf though.

As far as prom my senior year in HS, as well, the other weddings I've been in, it's always been an issue. Things happen whether we want them to or not.  Some things, require our planning.  Then, some things, do not go as we planned.  The task before me is that I must be at 60' around my belly at its biggest point.  This is for the pants to fit correctly.  You see, my pants normally, I wear on my hips and use a belt because.... um, well... I have no ass.  I mean, I do, but I don't. It's wide because I'm wide.  But there is no curve to it. 

I'd like to change that, but for now, I know I'm not going to get me some Beyonce/J-Lo boo-tay shape.  Being a guy, I'm not sure who's male butt I want mine to resemble, but I do know that I could use a little more umph in my buttucks.  Junk in the trunk.  My pants do not stay up.  It's not funny, really.  I know it is fun to make jokes about it.  But still.  To the day, if I am at work, it's normally slacks with a belt.  At home, it's basketball shorts or cargo shorts.  But just buying bigger sizes to accommadate my body is not fixing the problem.  Eathing unhealthy, skipping meals, a non-active life. Those are the problems.

Got off track, again. Sorry. So back to the fitting of the pants.  I told my buddy he had my word that I'd try.  Very hard, I'll try.  I will.  I've already gotten back on the horse and have been doing my workouts.  Every other day, in fact, instead of setting the goal of 3x per week.  It's still a good goal. It's better than doing nothing.  It is not detouring me from my overall lifestyle change goals though.  It is just part of them now.  But I do realize it is a big task. Challeng accepted. Compared to where I was a year ago, at 535 lbs, to now being 446 lbs... I'd like to continue this journey.  I feel it's important to set little goals, to acheive your big goal.

At some point, we need to not focus on everything that goes wrong every day.  That will overwhelm us.  I like it better to acknowledge what is happening around us, but to use that as fuel for the current fight.  Then turn around one day and say, "We went through all of that and look where we are."  Yeah, life can get tough.  It can get down right cruddy.  But, it will go on without you, if you let it.  Or you can be part of it. 

Coach put on his Facebook the other day, a quote from Tony Robbins, which I do not know exactly how it goes.  Quotes are great, but can lose their power if not said/read correctly. So hear it goes: "If you focus on all the troubles instead of the end result, you'll fail." 

I understand that I totally just said I couldn't quote him, but then put it in quotes... That was more for your viewing pleasure. I hope you an appreciate that I'm trying to enhance your reading pleasure. :) Did anyone else catch that I put hear instead of here?  Again... an enhancement for you.  Instead of what you read, listen to what Tony Robbins is trying to tell you.  Sidney and Billy from "White Men Can't Jump" argued about that very thing.  Are you hearing the music?  Or just listening? Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know I'm a dork. My friend that has his own blog also quoted the last LDS Conference, where one of the Presidents said, "Don't die with your music still in you!" That is very cool.  More importantly, it is true. My wife and kids, my siblings, my parents passing, sicknesses, strifes, successes.  All of that is part of my song. :)  Cheesy or not, take what you want out of it.  But I do appreciate you reading my blog, whoever you are.

Enjoy your day!  Working out tonight! I am going to try something different.  My buddy, Chris, who is following along with me on a lifestyle change, has inspired me to try again, to incorporate lifting weights, while in the Cowboy Fit Zone! So, we'll see how it goes.


  1. nick, just checking in with you to see how everything is going. still supporting you on your journey 100°\°

  2. Yes, still hitting it. It's been tough but we've been able to survive and still smill and laugh. I'll take all of the support I can get! :)

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  6. Awesome dude! Thanks for the kudos - let me know how the weights are working out.



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